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New member long term sufferer

Posted by sarah_fbi on 2009.02.21 at 23:31
Hi there, I'm Sarah, 26, Australian and a Endometriosis sufferer. I also have PCO, which I suspect alot of you would have too!

Quick history:

I have had bad periods since I was 11yrs, and was finally diagnosed with the disease when I was 17yrs.
I have had 6 laparoscopies, the last one was last October, and I vow never to have another one again! I have severe nerve damage (Neurogenic pain) from having so many surgeriesand the last few haven't even worked very well, it just keeps growing back, and spreading to other organs.

I also have had many treatments,a few being Zoladex Implants and Merina, but they never worked, my body just rejected them. I have also tried nearly all of the Contraception Pills available, but again nothing works.

I would love to talk to other sufferers, find out what treatments you have tried and symptoms you suffer from. Hope to speak to you soon.

I hope it's ok that I joined this community? I was actually going to start my own, but now I'm happy to see that I don't need to =]

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