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Endo Causing Exhaustion?

Posted by teal_daisy on 2009.05.12 at 16:18
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Endo Causing Exhaustion?
Lately I've been so exhausted feeling that I nap for 2 or more hours during the day. The only thing that might be causing this is the endo. Is that possible? I had a lap over 2 years ago and since the endo has returned although no where near the level of pain I was in before. It is still a chronic pain that I have all month long instead of being confined to my period.

So while the endo is back but not at monunmental pain levels could it be causing this exhaustion? Other than turning to coffee what can I do to combat this?

I'm trying to figure out if I should go to the planned parenthood gyno or see a free clinic to deal with this. I'm without insurance.

Any advice, articles to look at anything to help me deal with this would be appreciated.

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