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New to LJ & 1st post to the endo_know community!

Posted by mrslevell2b on 2013.04.11 at 04:19
So excited to join this community, share and learn so much!

Here are my symptoms:
*chronic pelvic & back pain
* diarreah
* heavy bleeding/clots
*pain during sex
*joint pain
*pain when urinating

I am 24 years old and I have been suffering with endo for 13 long years! In the past none of my doctors took the time to do ultrasounds or blood work. I went on a birth control patch when I was 13 years old but had to stop because it did not help the pain. I then went on Seasonale and had great results with less bleeding/pain and only 4 cycles a year. I had to stop that pill because my hair fell out. After that I stopped BC and stuck to pain meds.

At 17 years old I lost my insurance and no longer could afford my meds. I would then have to go to the ER if I could not control the pain, vommitting and pelvic pain with over the counter drugs. I am still uninsured and thinking of having a lap surgery done to decrease my pain...possibly and finally get a diagnosis. Only issue is I have to apply for financial assistace from my local county hospital..Grady. I also have to see a primary care doctor before they can refer me to a OB/GYN. That alone is a bummer because that could take weeks and lots of $$$.

So frustrating dealing with doctors that only see $$$ and not a person in pain!!! I feel like this surgery is my last option to feel like a normal woman. A chance to not spend days in bed and a chance to be active again! My fiance tries to be understanding but she just cant imagine my pain so its hard. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears!

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