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Needing Support....

Posted by rapturedevoted on 2009.01.21 at 18:48
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Hi folks, I'm new to this community. Hell, I'm new to Endometriosis. In fact, I haven't actually been professionally diagnosed with Endometriosis yet. But I'm almost positive that it's what I have. I'm 30 years old.

For the past couple of months I've had menstrual cramps every single day. My actual period comes just about on time, the flow is pretty much the same as it has always been (very heavy), and the cramps are the worst on the first day as has always been the case. But then a dull sensation of continued menstrual-like cramps linger on for the rest of the month until I start my period once again, it's a vicious cycle.

Then after about two months, I began getting other pains as well, sharp pangs in my stomach, and really bad pelvic pains. Finally, I broke down and went to see my general practitioner. She gave me an examination and said that she thought I had a cyst on the ovary but wanted to do an ultrasound, so two days later I went for my external and internal ultrasound. The doc called me with the results and said that she thought maybe I had Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and wanted me to come back in for some blood work to determine if so.

Well I'm currently waiting for my Medicaid card to come in, so she said there was no rush in coming in for the blood work, to just come in when I got my insurance card. Well in the meantime, some new symptoms have started that has lead me to doing even more research.

I'm a pretty petite woman at 5'2, 103lbs. My stomach has always been flat. But in the last few days my belly has grown. It's so tight and bloated. It's not a flabby tissue, it's a solid round belly as if I were pregnant (which I'm not). In the span of three days I've grown out of any pants that fit, even pants that were falling off my hips just last month. And the pelvic pain has become almost unbearable! Also, I've started getting some sharp shooting pains in my tailbone.

During my research I have found none of these symptoms within PCOS sites. In fact, most PCOS victims don't really experience all that much pain. I've been in so much pain this past month that I've barely been able to do much more than lay around all the day. Which is causing me quite a bit of depression on top of everything else. Below, I will list all of my symptoms.

As soon as I get my medicaid card I plan to go to a specialist and request a laparscopy so that I can find out for sure. I don't think my general practitioner is taking me or my pain seriously and I don't want to be wrongly diagnosed! 

Anyhow, I apologize for such a lengthy introduction. I am just really struggling here. Extremely frustrated with the chronic pain and feeling like no one believes how miserable this really is for me. I would really appreciate anyone's friendship through this... someone who's also going through this or has been through it. Thanks so much for your time.

Chronic Fatigue
Abdominal Pain
Chronic Constipation
Severe Pelvic Pain
Bloated Abdominal
Tailbone Pain

Back Pain (mostly lumbar)
Right Shoulder Pain
Upper Leg Pain

( I can be reached at :   RaptureDevoted @ Yahoo! IM
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